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Moving to Costa Rica and making money is an opportunity for just about everyone. There are two main options for sources of income in Costa Rica; you can work at established business or open your own business. For those with the entrepreneurial spirit, Costa Rica allows you to run a business with low overhead, less taxation, and bigger profits. Best of all you’ll be surrounded by exotic nature, ocean breezes, and a rich culture.

Lower Costs of Living

The first thing to consider when moving and working in Costa Rica is that the cost of living is much lower than in the US or Europe. Reduce your costs of living by swapping your current property for real estate in Costa Rica. Real Estate in Costa Rica is up to 70% less than real estate in the US. In addition, the cost of utility bills, food and daily living expenses are 50% - 80% lower in Costa Rica. Most people can live comfortably on about $2,000 a month. Keep this in mind when determining your business plan or monthly salary.

Opportunities in Service, Leisure & Entertainment

With a growing population an influx of travelers and a boost in US, European, and Canadian transplants, obvious opportunities lie in the service, leisure and entertainment industries. Tourist and transplants have money to spend making these industries even more lucrative. Hotels, restaurants, tour guides, surf shops, dive classes, transportation services, and other businesses that accommodate tourists all have opportunities for profitable business. The best way to find an opportunity is to visit Costa Rica and discover where there is a need for additional or new businesses.

Holistic & Nature Based Business Opportunities

Due to Costa Rica’s culture of free spirit and balance with nature there is opportunities for holistic type services and businesses. In addition to the native people who are in touch with nature, ecotourism is also extremely popular in Costa Rica. These are people that travel to areas of natural or ecological interest for the purpose of observing wildlife and learning about the environment. Eco-tourist and Costa Rica natives are interested in natural services and products. To cater to this industry think yoga classes, organic food, clothing and souvenirs, holistic health remedies and plant based products for massages, facials and beauty products.

Opportunities for the Artistically Talented

With surrounding beauty and exotic nature you can tap into your inner creativity. For photographers and painters there is an endless amount of sunsets, ocean waves, colorful flowers, rare birds, unusual animals, and other striking images to capture on film or canvas. The slower paced lifestyle mixed with the calming ocean allow writers to clear their minds and write everything from articles to novels. Use nature’s resources to create and sell exquisite craftsmanship from wood and metal. Create and sell furniture, jewelry, souvenirs and whatever else your talents allow. If you have an artistic talent there is a good chance that you can profit from it while in Costa Rica.

Web Based Business Opportunities

With internet available from most populated areas in Costa Rica it is easy to manage and maintain a web based business. With suppliers that drop ship directly to your clients you can sell products from anywhere. Don’t limit your self to selling products though. Many web based businesses sell services and intellectual property while other websites provide viewers with valued information while selling ad space. The possibilities are endless with web based businesses. When managing your business from Costa Rica, you will be surrounded by exotic nature rather than a windowless cubical.

Opportunities in Costa Rica’s growing Economy

Whenever you have a growing economy with an influx of new residents there is significant opportunity for profitable business. Get in early and get established to get a lead over any competition. From restaurants, to water sports to computer services the possibilities in Costa Rica are only limited by your imagination and drive for success. Cheap real estate and office space combined with low costs and taxation give you the opportunity to start living the life of your dreams while making money. Enjoy a lifestyle of sun, sand, sea, volcanoes, rain forest, entertainment and nightlife now. For the adventurous small business owner, Costa Rica offers a fantastic opportunity and a relaxed ‘pura vida’ lifestyle. If you would like to open a business and live in Costa Rica consider making Los Cielos Estates your home. Los Cielos Real Estate Company offers affordable lots and homes in a community of people that are running profitable businesses in Costa Rica. These secure Costa Rican investments allow you to vacation, live and retire in Costa Rica.