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Live Abroad in Costa RicaMoving to, retiring in, or even buying investment real estate in another country can change your future and help you live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of but it can also feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you with the beginning stages of the process.

Know Where You Want to Live
Narrowing your home preference location down to one country, or better yet, one region within a country, can help make your property search as painless as possible. Before thinking about real estate agents and legal paperwork, you have to determine where you want to buy. Aside from all the benefits and opportunities a home abroad can offer you, it is most important to find a place that you truly love.

Decided When You Want to Make the Move
Deciding a general time frame of when you want to move will help you decide if you want to buy a finished property that is move in ready or if you would rather have a piece of land where you can build a custom.

If you are in the market for undeveloped land, you will need to determine how long contruction will take and when utilities, sewage, and roads will be in place. Buying undeveloped property might save you money and allows you to have a custom home. If you are looking to move right away a finished home for sale is what you will need.

Give Your Self Time to View the Country and to Get to Know the Culture
Find time to meet other out-of-country homebuyers, and talk to them about their transition, what they love, what is different for them, and what they struggle with. Talking to current expiates can teach you more in an afternoon than exploring on your own.

Also take the time to go to local hangouts, bars, and restaurants that locals frequent and avoid tourist trap areas. This will help you get to know the culture and the people.

Ask the Right Questions
Doing research about the location before you arrive will help you ask the right questions and identify what you want from your future home. What are your flight options for home visits? Is public transportation available? How far is the nearest grocery store or market? Is the property in a location that can generate income? Figure out what is important to you before you go so that when you visit the area you can find the answers you’re looking for.

If Costa Rica, the Caribbean Coast, or a tropical beach home is what you are looking for consider checking out Los Cielos Estates. Los Cielos Costa Rica Real Estate offers finished homes for sale as well as real estate lots where you can build.