Costa Rica Life

Beauty of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is, simply put, 180 degrees from any other place on earth due to its exotic nature and natural beauty. It’s the picture perfect place to build the second home of your dreams, or your first and only home. Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting or living in Costa Rica's exotic paradise and they will surely attest it is the crown jewel of the Caribbean coast.

Costa Rica's Surrounding Nature

Consider the natural beauty of the Costa Rican rain forests, with its vast array of rare birds and exotic wild life. Ponder its scenic volcanoes, and majestic mountains. Explore Costa Rica's lush green valleys, and seemingly endless stretches of pristine, undeveloped beaches, on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Play in Costa Rica's cold, crystal-clear lakes, beautiful rivers, natural streams, warm seas and its breathtaking waterfalls. Revel in Costa Rica's spectacular sunsets, star-filled nights followed by equally and unforgettable sunrises. Being surrounded by all of Costa Rica's nature and beauty will reassure even the biggest skeptics that you are in an exotic paradise.

Costa Rica's Protected Paradise

More than a century ago, the people of Costa Rica realized that modern progress and development could destroy the precious beauty of their exotic land. So, over the years, Costa Ricans made every effort to ensure the preservation of Costa Rica’s natural beauty and exotic plant and animal life. It’s this foresight that made its 124 national parks, biological reserves and wildlife refuges possible. This amazing accomplishment of conservation in action represents more than 25% of the country’s total land mass; all protected to safeguard its natural wonders and beauty of the exotic land.